4 reasons to go on a holiday to Sicily


Sicily is one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean, we have listed the most important reasons why this island is so popular:


The sea, all along Sicily’s coast you will find beautiful beaches with their wonderful, crystal clear, deep blue sea


The food and local products, the local cuisine and its delicious homemade dolci can’t be found anywhere else in the world. This is the reason number one why people come back to Sicily as soon as possible.


The hospitality and kindness that characterises the Sicilian people, due to the island’s geographic location. Sicily has always been a centre of trade, which has created a vast variety of people, cultures and traditions.


The culture and its monuments, frequent foreign domination and influences by various peoples and cultures have led to an endless array of monumental heritage sites.



sights and landmarks


Discover the beautiful, historic and cultural regions, cities, villages and monuments around Dimora di Dante.

Admire the Sicilian baroque architecture, enjoy teh long beaches and deep blue sea, and visit the island’s nature reserves and archaeological sites.

Visit in the best restaurants, bars and wine cellars and enjoy the delicious wine, exquisite olive oil and Sicilian dishes.





Val di Noto is a historic province in south-eastern Sicily. The aerea now consists of Ragusa, the Siracusa province and the southern part of the province of Catania. In 1693, almost the entire region was destroyed by a heavy earthquake. All cities and villages had to be rebuilt, using characteristic Sicilian baroque archtecture.

In 2002, Val di Noto was placed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Eight Sicilian cities can be found on the list: Caltagirone, Catania, Noto, Modica, Ragusa, Palazzolo Acreide, Scicli and Militello in Val di Catania.


25 Km Ragusa 

38 Km Modica 

43 Km Palazzolo Acreide 

44 Km Militello in Val di Catania 

45 Km Scicli 

45 Km Caltagirone 

76 Km Noto 

91 Km Catania 






30 Km  Randello (beach, pineta)

30 Km  Scoglitti (beach)

31 Km  Punta Secca (beach, lighthouse, Montalbano)

40 Km  Marina di Ragusa (beach)

44 Km  Cava d’Ispica (necropolis)

57 Km  Pantalica (river, water trekking, necropolis)

69 Km  Cava Grande del Cassibile (canyon, river, water trekking)

81 Km  Calamosche (beach)

92 Km  Vendicari (beach, reserve)

121 Km Etna (volcano, Rifugio Sapienza)

131 Km Scala dei Turchi (beach, rock, climbing)






74 Km Piazza Armerina (Villa Romana del Casale, mosaics)

108 Km Siracusa (Neapolis, Greek theater, Dionysius ear)

110 Km Ortigia (necropolis)

119 Km Agrigento (temple valley)






11 Km Chiaramonte Gulfi (cantine, visit of wine cellars and olive oil)

27 Km Castello di Donnafugata (castle)

37 Km Antica Dolceria Bonajuto (oldest chocolate factory in Sicily)

48 Km Donnalucata (fishing village, beach)

56 Km Sampieri (beach)

57 Km Pozzallo (port town, boat to Malta)

78 Km Marzamemi (authentic fishing village)

81 Km Isola delle Correnti (southernmost point of Italy)

81 Km Portopallo di Capo Passero (beach, rock)