The Silician kitchen 

The delicious Sicilian cuisine owes its quality and specialness to the excellence of the ingredients and the varied culinary influences from the past. We have compiled a list of typical Sicilian dishes.


Arancini are rice balls traditionally filled with risotto rice, cheese, peas, boiled egg and a tomato-meat sauce (ragú). These balls are covered with breadcrumbs and deep fried until they are crispy. Usually they are round and have the same size as an orange. Besides the traditional arancino there are all kinds of interesting variants to get such as; filled with ham and cheese, pistachio pesto, spaghetti, funghi and even with nutella! 


Granita e Brioche 

Granita is thick and creamy semi-frozen ice cream flavored with sugar, seasonal fruit or nuts.On Sicily it is often eaten for breakfast with a brioche (sweet bun). There are various flavors to get such as; lemon, watermelon, strawberry, mulberry, chocolate, pistachio, peach and orange. 



Sicilian caponata is a vegetable dish with eggplant as the most important vegetable. The vegetables are baked and stewed in a sweet and sour sauce. The caponata can be eaten hot, lukewarm or cold as a starter or as an accompaniment to meat, fish and pasta.


A cannolo (singular of cannoli) is a pastry and a dessert consisting of a rolled biscuit filled with ricotta. Cannolo means small tube. Cannoli was originally associated with carnival, but they became so popular that they are now available throughout the year. Good cannoli have a crispy crust and are tastiest when they are freshly made.



Cassata is a cake of biscuit dough filled with sweetened ricotta and candied fruit. The cake is decorated with coloured marzipan, glaze and even more candied fruit. Originally this cake was eaten at Easter, but nowadays it is eaten at many festive occasions.


Pasta allo scoglio

Sicily is known for its fresh fish and seafood. Pasta allo scoglio is a delicious pasta dish with shrimps, mussels, vongole (cockles) and octopus.

Pesce Spada 

Swordfish in Sicilian way; grilled or fried swordfish steaks served with a delicious sauce. 


Pasta alla norma

Pasta alla norma is a pasta dish with golden brown fried eggplant in a tomato-basil sauce and is served with grated salted ricotta. 


All dishes that have been flavored with pistachios are delicious. Pistachios were introduced by the Arabs in the 9th century. The Sicilian town of Bronte is also called the capital of the pistachio nut. Here in the hilly landscape with fertile soil of Mount Etna, the pistachio grow best. Try pistachio ice cream, granita with pistachio, cannoli with pistachio, pasta with pistachio pesto and pizza pistacchio.

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