Imparare dal passato, vivere per il presente, sognare per l´avvenire

Learn from the past, live for the present, dream for the future

We would love to introduce ourselves: we are Marcel, Natasja, Luca, Dante and Giulia Janssen. And don’t forget our Bernese Mountain Dog Baci.


Many people know us from the Dutch television program ‘I Leave’, here a brief explanation:

Marcel is still working at the municipality of Landgraaf and is traveling from the Netherlands to Sicily every month, but hopes to join Natasja and the children soon. Natasja was a nurse, but now she is fully focused on running the Agriturismo and learning the Italian language. The children Luca, Dante and Giulia are now fully integrated into Italian life and are busy with school, sports and friends.  


Want to know more? 

Familie van Dimora di Dante

Our 'I Leave' story

It is February 2008 when our search begins. As usual, we went to Italy during the (spring) holiday. The country where we have been so many times and where we have come to feel at home. This time, however, we went with a specific goal: finding an Agriturismo to run.

Together with real estate agents, we have visited many buildings and areas in recent years. Our search ultimately lasted longer than expected. What we experienced together with our children at that time is already an adventure in itself. We have been in the most strange places. Remote, totally unsuitable, mysterious, scary, dilapidated, filthy, beautiful, magnificent, priceless are the words that come close to describing what we have seen. We could not find anything that suited us. 


It is December 2014 when the moving van was ready to go from the Netherlands to Sicily. Our dream seemed tobecome a reality, but unfortunately everything went differently. The search for our perfect location was not finished but we decided to stay on our beloved island. Almost 4 years later, after considering several options, we have finally arrived, where we want to be. 


July 1, 2018 we opened our doors, after long negotiations we can offer you a beautiful holiday destination. We hope to welcome you at Dimora di Dante! 

Experience the real Sicily!

Dimora di Dante

Contrada Serravalle sn

97012 Chiaramonte Gulfi, RG

Sicilia, Italia  

Commercial Register Number 01678760883

+39 3927 441 466 

Booking conditions

A booking is only definitive after paying 25% of the booking costs.

The other 75% has to be paid four weeks before your arrival.For reservations within 8 weeks of arrival, Dimora di Dante will establish the payment deadline for the entire booking costs.

After booking your holiday at Dimora di Dante, all booking costs need to be paid.

Cancellation conditions

Given the current difficult situation related to the Covid-19 virus (coronavirus), we have adjusted the cancellation conditions for 2022. You can now book without any risk, with cancellation guarantee.

The deposit or payment will be fully refunded if cancellation is required due to Covid-19 guidelines.

Are you sick yourself or do you want to cancel for other reasons, we ask you to claim your own travel and cancellation insurance. In these circumstances we apply the following conditions.

Dimora di Dante needs to be notified of every cancellation in writing.

The cancellation will take effect on the date of receival of the notification.

When cancelling your reservation, you will have to pay Dimora di Dante as follows:

Cancellation up to 42 days before arrival: 30% of the total sum

Cancellation between 42 and 28 days before arrival: 60% of the total sum

Cancellation between 28 and 7 days before arrival: 90% of the total sum

Cancellation 6 days before arrival or less: 100% of the total sum.

We will also charge €25.00 in administration costs.

We recommend to take out a cancellation insurance.

Condizioni di prenotazione

La prenotazione diventa solo definitiva dopo pagare il 25% del prezzo totale.

L’altro 75% va pagato quattro settimane prima dell’arrivo.

Per prenotazioni entro 8 settimane prima dell’arrivo, Dimora di Dante stabilisce il termine di pagamento del prezzo totale della prenotazione.

Dopo aver prenotato una camera o suite a Dimora di Dante, il prezzo totale deve essere pagato.

Condizioni di cancellazioni

Data l'attuale situazione difficile legata al virus Covid-19 (coronavirus), abbiamo modificato le condizioni di cancellazione per il 2022. Ora è possibile prenotare senza alcun rischio, con garanzia di cancellazione.

L'acconto o il pagamento sarà completamente rimborsato se la cancellazione è a causa del Covid-19.

Se sei malato o vuoi annullare per altri motivi, ti chiediamo di richiedere la tua assicurazione di viaggio e annullamento. In queste circostanze applichiamo le seguenti condizioni.

Quando si cancella la prenotazione da Dimora di Dante, si paga come di seguito:

Cancellazione di 42 giorni o più prima dell’arrivo: 30% del prezzo totale

Cancellazione fra 42 e 28 giorni prima dell’arrivo: 60% del prezzo totale

Cancellazione fra 28 e 7 giorni prima dell’arrivo: 90% del prezzo totale

Cancellazione entro 6 giorno o meno dell’arrivo: 100% del prezzo totale

Dimora di Dante va notificato di ogni annullamento per iscritto.

La cancellazione prende effetto al giorno di ricevere la notifica.

Mettiamo anche in conto €25,00 per l’amministrazione.

Ti raccomandiamo di sottoscrivere una assicurazione per l’annullamento.